Onboarding IT: managing employee arrivals

Automate hardware and software requests, coordinate HR & managers & IT, and improve the onboarding experience for all employees.

Preparing the arrival of new employees for successful integration

3 key steps to IT onboarding


Information on new employees is synchronized between HRIS and Pyla, or entered directly into Pyla for external profiles such as contractors, intermittents, etc.


Requests for hardware and software resources are triggered by HR or delegated to the manager to select the resources to be prepared.


Software access requests as well as requests for equipment (badge, computer, screen, company car, etc.) are automatically sent. Follow-ups are also scheduled to ensure that everything is ready for the arrival of new recruits.

Give employees all the resources they need


Selection of resource requirements by profile

Provide details for proper resource preparation

Before the request goes to the resource manager, notification of a third party for approval

Automate access and material requests

Tasks with all information (on the new collaborator and on the resource to be prepared - admin access, computer: mac or pc, ...)


Task views grouped by employee or resource or task

Assign inventories from the task

Add a comment to the task to pass on additional information to the manager or information for the employee's arrival

Close task to trigger another task (e.g. software access then SSO)

Monitor IT onboarding


Monitoring the progress of IT onboarding: preparing hardware and software resources

Close the IT onboarding process and have employees sign an IT hardware & software handover form (to facilitate offboarding).

Connecting Pyla to the existing ecosystem

By API retrieve requests for :


Retrieve employees from HRIS and send them to Pyla

Send Pyla employee profiles to Azure AD for access creation

Send material requests to MDM for inventory management

Send Pyla requests to ticketing for automatic ticket creation


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