IT offboarding: deactivate employees when they leave the company

Don't wait months to close software accesses and release licenses. With a complete view of the employee's equipment, accesses can be closed on the day of departure and the equipment returned.

Deactivate access at the end of the contract: avoid hidden costs and secure data

The 3-step IT Offboarding procedure


The departure date is entered into Pyla by HR or retrieved through HRIS synchronization.


IT deprovisioning is triggered automatically or delegated to the manager, so that he or she can validate the resources to be shut down before launching the offboarding procedure, and provide details to ensure business continuity.


The various de-allocation requests are sent to the administrators. Follow-up calls are scheduled to ensure that everything is switched off on the day of departure.

Ensure information transfer


The Employee Profile and Resource Allocation Matrix provides a complete view of all hardware, software and network access for the departing employee.

The manager fills in the information needed to ensure the handover of the various files and business continuity: "Should messages be archived? To whom should emails be redirected? etc."

IT, General Services, Business, etc. all resource administrators are notified to close accesses and recover equipment while ensuring perfect business continuity.

Securing company data

Tasks with all the information needed to carry out the necessary actions (e.g. email address, redirect emails, what to do with leads in the CRM, actual departure date)


Task views grouped by employee or resource or task

Display of serial numbers and other information about the equipment assigned for recovery

Cut SSO to revoke access to connected SaaS solutions and notify administrators of each solution to deprovision accounts

Close task and communicate login information to manager accounts

Monitor departures


Monitoring the progress of IT offboarding: closing down/retrieving hardware and software resources

Verification of returned equipment with the equipment handover sheet sent to onboarding

Connecting Pyla to the existing ecosystem

By API retrieve requests for :

Automate software access closure with Azure AD

Send Pyla requests to ticketing for automatic ticket closure

Send SSO closure request to Azure AD or IAM

Adjusting inventory in MDM


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