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GRF is a French publishing group specialized, for more than 100 years, in the fields of taxation, human resources, payroll, accounting, patrimony, expert products, as well as its related fields. They have 135 employees in Paris.


"Our methods of managing hardware, software and access/subscription allocations/returns were empirical and, it has to be said, a bit outdated. We had a real issue to deal with for our IT department, which the day-to-day management was always putting off a little more; the deployment of teleworking during the successive confinements made us realize the urgency of it", explain Nathalie Choux, HR at GRF and Jean Christophe Heuriau, IT department.

Between what was assigned on arrival, the equipment sent in urgently during the Covid period to ensure remote work, and additional requests throughout the employee's life: the company was no longer able to ensure traceability of the equipment assigned. As a result, when offboarding, it became complicated for the IT team to know exactly which accesses to cut, which computers or peripherals to retrieve or which badges to deactivate. Several round trips were necessary between HR, the Manager, General Services and IT to make sure nothing was forgotten!

In addition, the management of resources is fragmented, with business software managed by departments, badges and keys by general services and software and hardware by IT. 

Based on this observation, we have established several objectives together:

  • Regain visibility on the equipment of each employee. 
  • Strengthen offboarding to avoid security breaches or unnecessary costs on resources that may have been overlooked.
  • Have a consolidated view of resources, especially those managed by the business departments. 
  • Define automatic workflows to coordinate HR, business, IT and Corporate Services.
  • Prepare a quality onboarding with all attributions, accesses... available from the day of the integration

Prior to Pyla, the arrival process was 100% manual. The HR department maintained an excel file to track the arrival and departure of employees, which was shared with General Services and IT. When the employee arrived, the badge, database access, main software access and hardware were prepared. Once the employee had arrived, his or her manager made additional requests for other software accesses to the departments in charge.


After working with the CIO and management to identify Employee Profiles and associated resources, all employees were imported into Pyla.

The deployment was done service by service, so that each department could enter all the resources used in the platform. IT has thus recovered this transverse vision of "who has what". The Pyla Resource Catalogue includes office equipment, telecommuting equipment, IT equipment, software licenses and other group resources.

Today, HR enters the employees in Pyla, which triggers a notification to the manager so that he in turn validates the list of resources pre-selected in the resource catalog according to the employee profile. The manager can then adjust the list and trigger requests to the different administrators within the company. The requests are processed within the allotted time and the progress of this preparation is traceable in the platform.

Tasks are simplified for managers and movement managers because they no longer have to ask themselves what is needed for an employee or who manages this or that resource internally. All these questions and exchanges are gone. For administrators, everyone receives only what they need to do, not a generic list for all administrators.

It saves time on a daily basis and ensures that these actions are taken.

"With Pyla, we broaden the spectrum of resource management. We increase the quality of our onboarding / offboarding, and the capacity to do so. We save time that we can reinvest in employee life cycle management" Jean Christophe Heuriau, CIO at GRF.

GRF illustrates the savings associated with good resource management with this example: During a departure in the group, when processing the task of closing the Office365 account, 7 unclosed accounts of people who had already left were discovered.

After several months of use, it is the managers who proactively suggest new resources to be added to the repository! The resource catalog thus evolves with the company.

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