About Pyla

Pyla is the repository of your resources, at the heart of your ecosystem.

Our mission

In our previous experiences, before each new employee's arrival, we had to move heaven and earth so that the new employee had everything on the day. His computer, his mailbox, his badge, his CRM access... For each item, a request had to be made and a reminder sent 2 or 3 times to get it done. And in the end, there was always something missing for the first day. The same thing happened when people left or changed jobs. Some employees still have access to the databases 1 year after their departure.

We decided to create Pyla to offer companies visibility on their ecosystem (who has what) and to simplify their resource management (software and hardware distribution), to let them focus on what makes sense.

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The team


Marc Rouvier



Philippe Le Naour



Chloé Rihouay



Guillaume Duhamel

Full-Stack Developer

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